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African Percussion

African Percussion

African Percussion Instruments

There is a huge selection of African percussion instruments, from a traditional looking Ghana bell to a modern fibreglass Djembe. All of the instruments in this category are from African roots and replicate the traditional African percussion sounds. 

Hand crafted individually whilst also featuring colourful traditional designs, culturally these instruments will open up new percussive sounds, instruments and methods of music creation. Some of the Djembe packs include a book including a CD - guiding you through how to play the Djembe. 

Alongside the Djembe packs, there's a wide variety of African percussion instruments and world percussion packs. Browse through shakers, scrapers, drums, woodblock, claves and even a sound effect thunder drum.

The percussion sets available are ideal for the classroom or music group. Featuring instruments inspired by African percussion assembled together in a traditional woven basket to ensure storage is as easy as possible. Exclusive instruments can be found in these packs which are unavailable to be purchased individually - making the percussion packs even more quirky and desirable.